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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
4301 Mentat Task Closed Urgent Optimize PostgreSQL database on both mentat-alt and mentat-dev servers Radko Krkoš 12/20/2018 09:27 AM Actions
4463 Mentat Bug Closed Urgent Broken API authentication Jan Mach 11/30/2018 12:35 PM Actions
4236 Mentat Task Closed Urgent Reorganize content on and web pages Pavel Kácha 10/03/2018 10:42 AM Actions
4237 Mentat Bug Closed Urgent The is sending suspiciously too few reports per day Jan Mach 09/26/2018 10:02 AM Actions
4240 Mentat Bug Closed Urgent When accessing report in unauthenticated mode it is not possible to load report JSON data file in Data tab Jan Mach 08/02/2018 10:14 AM Actions
4489 Mentat Bug Closed High Fix filtering mechanism in reporter Jan Žerdík 05/14/2020 10:41 AM Actions
4216 Mentat Task Closed High Make Mentat executable from within the cloned Git repository Pavel Kácha 07/11/2019 04:32 PM Actions
4486 Mentat Feature Closed High Generate chart toplists in JavaScript (aka. Igliar Button) Jan Mach 06/14/2019 11:39 AM Actions
5101 Mentat Bug Closed High Fix issue with default value for mail_to that leads to incorrect target email for Pavel Kácha 06/12/2019 11:17 AM Actions
4382 Mentat Task Closed High Upgrade PostgreSQL to version 11 Jan Mach 11/16/2018 06:20 PM Actions
3362 Mentat Task Closed High Migrate Mentat system to new hardware Jan Mach 09/11/2018 10:36 AM Actions
4210 Mentat Task Closed High Release and deploy Mentat package version 2.0 Jan Mach 07/30/2018 10:11 AM Actions
3374 Mentat Task Closed High Migrate all core modules from legacy Mentat Jan Mach 07/27/2018 11:49 AM Actions
3364 Mentat Feature Closed High Implement module Jan Mach 07/27/2018 11:47 AM Actions
3385 Mentat Feature Closed High Implement module Jan Mach 07/27/2018 11:44 AM Actions
3376 Mentat Task Closed High Polish module Jan Mach 07/27/2018 11:35 AM Actions
3372 Mentat Feature Closed High - Implement 'overwrite' argument for 'tag' and 'set' actions Pavel Kácha 10/03/2017 07:15 PM Actions
3396 Mentat Feature Closed High - Implement 'unique' argument for 'tag' and 'set' actions Pavel Kácha 10/03/2017 07:11 PM Actions
1478 Mentat Bug Closed High Hawat - V Alerts je stále neošetřená chyba s vkládáním undef do cache Radomír Orkáč 04/01/2014 09:23 AM Actions
1178 Mentat Task Closed High Hawat Dashboard - zapouzdřit agregační část tak, aby ji bylo možné jednoduše volat i z externího skriptu Radomír Orkáč 03/11/2014 03:03 PM Actions
4410 Mentat Task Closed Normal Hawat: Implement basic unit tests of web interface Jan Mach 05/19/2020 12:12 PM Actions
6127 Mentat Task Closed Normal Document procedures for adding new event class Jan Žerdík 04/29/2020 06:43 PM Actions
6126 Mentat Feature Closed Normal Add information about last filter match to reporter Jan Žerdík 04/16/2020 10:17 AM Actions
6210 Mentat Bug Closed Normal Index usage in mentat_main database Radko Krkoš 03/19/2020 10:59 AM Actions
6096 Mentat Task Closed Normal Server and database performance and monitoring Jan Mach 02/03/2020 11:09 AM Actions
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