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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
6227 Mentat Feature Feedback Normal Incorporate new info from Negistry into group db and reporting Rajmund Hruska 08/03/2021 04:26 PM Actions
7220 Mentat Bug Feedback Low Erroneous values in mentat_main/reports_events/mail_to Rajmund Hruska 07/30/2021 10:21 AM Actions
7215 Mentat Bug Feedback Normal Wrong usage of DB array in mentat_main/settings_reporting/emails Rajmund Hruska 07/30/2021 10:20 AM Actions
7501 Mentat Bug Resolved Normal IPv6 addresses are not shown in report details Rajmund Hruska 07/26/2021 01:53 PM Actions
7221 Mentat Feature New Low Referential integrity for database arrays Radko Krkoš 07/22/2021 04:03 PM Actions
7449 Mentat Bug Resolved Normal Cancelling creation of network record results in internal server error Rajmund Hruska 07/19/2021 05:44 PM Actions
7466 Mentat Bug Resolved Normal Viewing details of abuse group in reports/dashboard results in internal server error Rajmund Hruska 07/19/2021 04:36 PM Actions
7494 Mentat Task New Normal Fix skipped/broken unit tests Rajmund Hruska 07/19/2021 03:33 PM Actions
6239 Mentat Task Resolved Normal Simplify/remove too detailed user settings for reporting Rajmund Hruska 07/19/2021 12:46 PM Actions
7380 Mentat Bug In Review Normal Obsolete db path in Rajmund Hruska 07/16/2021 12:47 PM Actions
6800 Mentat Feature In Review Normal Rename _CESNET key to _Mentat (or make it configurable) Rajmund Hruska 07/16/2021 12:47 PM Actions
7381 Mentat Bug In Review Normal Upgrading section contains problematic --command init Rajmund Hruska 07/16/2021 12:46 PM Actions
7493 Mentat Bug In Review High Unable to modify reporting settings for group Rajmund Hruska 07/16/2021 12:45 PM Actions
7377 Mentat Bug Feedback Normal Warnings by pyflakes on build Jan Mach 07/16/2021 09:12 AM Actions
6255 Mentat Feature Resolved Normal Move attachments from emails to web Rajmund Hruska 07/15/2021 10:24 PM Actions
7257 Mentat Feature Resolved Normal Store email addresses to which the report was sent Rajmund Hruska 07/15/2021 02:06 AM Actions
7052 Mentat Feature Resolved Normal Link report to each group which owns it Rajmund Hruska 07/15/2021 02:06 AM Actions
7439 Mentat Feature In Progress Normal Remove FileWhoisModule from whois service Rajmund Hruska 06/29/2021 08:38 PM Actions
7365 Mentat Bug Feedback Normal Buildbot warnings on mentat-deb Jan Mach 06/24/2021 09:19 AM Actions
7387 Mentat Support Deferred Normal Evaluate pg_repack as a way to shorten maintenance downtime on upgrade Radko Krkoš 06/18/2021 10:53 AM Actions
6251 Mentat Config In Progress Normal Rethink the indices and planner cost optimizations in light of the current usage patterns Radko Krkoš 06/18/2021 10:47 AM Actions
7382 Mentat Bug New Normal When daemons run in parallel, pid files are generated with wrong PID in name 05/28/2021 03:22 PM Actions
7041 Mentat Task In Progress Normal Use Vagrant as alternative tool for local development Jan Mach 05/28/2021 09:04 AM Actions
7106 Mentat Bug In Progress Normal Notification mails about new users for the group do not seem to go to group admin Jan Mach 05/24/2021 10:26 AM Actions
7241 Mentat Bug New Low Hawat fails with 500 on DB restart 04/23/2021 11:00 AM Actions
7216 Mentat Feature New Low International Domain Names support in Mentat 04/15/2021 12:33 PM Actions
7200 Mentat Bug New Normal Reporting events after group name has changed Rajmund Hruska 04/12/2021 02:17 PM Actions
4447 Mentat Feature New High System status monitor should also report on warden-filer status 03/22/2021 04:41 PM Actions
7108 Mentat Bug New Normal Hawat's babel.cfg is missing from deb installation 03/19/2021 01:17 PM Actions
4234 Mentat Feature New Normal Hawat: Improve working with icons 03/19/2021 11:06 AM Actions
4386 Mentat Feature New Normal PGP signing of reports 03/19/2021 11:03 AM Actions
4494 Mentat Task New Normal Redesign JS portion of the Hawat web interface 03/19/2021 11:03 AM Actions
6197 Mentat Bug New Normal AmbiguousTimeError when searching events 03/19/2021 11:02 AM Actions
7121 Mentat Bug New Normal Spool dir is sometimes created with wrong privileges on start Jan Mach 03/11/2021 05:02 PM Actions
3367 Mentat Feature New Normal Implement sending of critical errors via email 03/09/2021 05:04 PM Actions
3392 Mentat Task In Progress Normal Revision of JPath library 03/09/2021 05:01 PM Actions
4212 Mentat Support New Normal Filter cleanup after migration Pavel Kácha 03/09/2021 04:59 PM Actions
4213 Mentat Feature New Normal Implement dynamically loaded modules in Enricher 03/09/2021 04:59 PM Actions
4218 Mentat Feature In Progress Normal Hawat: Improve system status view module 03/09/2021 04:57 PM Actions
4228 Mentat Task New Normal Hawat: Make use of Flask-Cache plugin 03/09/2021 04:54 PM Actions
4241 Mentat Task New Normal Improve documentation for Mentat modules/daemons 03/09/2021 04:53 PM Actions
4466 Mentat Feature New Normal Report duplicate IDs 03/09/2021 04:51 PM Actions
4693 Mentat Feature New Normal Implement support for saving custom queries 03/09/2021 04:49 PM Actions
4694 Mentat Feature New Normal More generic mechanism for time window pager 03/09/2021 04:49 PM Actions
4723 Mentat Config New Normal Access permisions prevent warden-filer start after system reboot Pavel Kácha 03/09/2021 04:48 PM Actions
4726 Mentat Feature New Normal Possibility of notification of reporting filter or limits change 03/09/2021 04:47 PM Actions
4745 Mentat Feature In Progress Normal Implement means for testing reporting filters 03/09/2021 04:47 PM Actions
6191 Mentat Bug New Normal Implement thread safety in eventstorage service module 03/09/2021 04:45 PM Actions
6310 Mentat Feature New Normal Implement result caching 03/09/2021 04:29 PM Actions
6332 Mentat Feature New Normal Improve searching with caching and JavaScript 03/09/2021 04:29 PM Actions
6802 Mentat Feature New Normal Split Mentat specific keys and enrichment keys namespaces 03/09/2021 04:27 PM Actions
6929 Mentat Feature New Normal Reconsider Mentat command-line tools 03/09/2021 04:24 PM Actions
6948 Mentat Bug New Normal Pynspect might take advantage of some optimizations 03/09/2021 04:23 PM Actions
6950 Mentat Feature New Low Consider implementing include in config files 03/09/2021 04:22 PM Actions
6209 Mentat Bug Deferred Normal Reenable Metacentrum network list update 02/19/2021 02:26 PM Actions
6205 Mentat Task New Normal Review encapsulation of SQLAlchemy and Psycopg2 DBALs Rajmund Hruska 02/19/2021 10:57 AM Actions
6928 Mentat Feature New Normal Reconsider Mentat process management 02/16/2021 05:30 PM Actions
6861 Mentat Bug New Low Double exception on incomplete authorisation information Rajmund Hruska 01/13/2021 02:23 PM Actions
6414 Mentat Bug Deferred Normal Timeline pre-generated time bounds are not respected 12/02/2020 05:04 PM Actions
6413 Mentat Feature Deferred Normal Autarkic DB queries for timeline 12/02/2020 05:01 PM Actions
6801 IDEA Feature New Normal Define namespace for enrichment data Pavel Kácha 11/19/2020 11:57 AM Actions
6257 Mentat Feature New Normal Review calculated statistics in timeline Pavel Kácha 10/06/2020 02:11 PM Actions
6256 Mentat Feature Feedback Normal Review possibilities of support of timeline calculation on db Pavel Kácha 07/07/2020 02:30 PM Actions
4273 Mentat Feature New Normal Consider/choose/implement different communication protocol 04/29/2020 06:03 PM Actions
393 BEESIP Task In Progress Normal Improve wiki page Jiří Šlachta 03/17/2013 01:54 PM Actions
499 BEESIP Feature New Normal Use Copy-On-Write filesystem support where applicable Lukáš Macura 06/15/2012 11:12 PM Actions
493 BEESIP Task New Normal Resolve dependencies in prereq by clean way Jiří Šlachta 06/12/2012 10:25 PM Actions
487 BEESIP Task New Normal Interconnect BESIP with accounting 06/10/2012 03:26 PM Actions
486 BEESIP Task New Normal Add support of basic PBX functions for user 06/10/2012 03:23 PM Actions
456 AC Login Task New Normal Prozkoumat moznosti bezpecnejsiho predavani breeze session Ivan Novakov 05/24/2012 07:05 AM Actions
455 AC Login Task New Normal Odstranit moznost nastaveni target GET parametru Ivan Novakov 05/24/2012 07:02 AM Actions
390 BEESIP Task In Progress High Prepare yang module for BESIP Lukáš Macura 05/21/2012 12:03 AM Actions
180 BEESIP Task New Normal Prepare lua extensions Lukáš Macura 03/24/2012 08:11 PM Actions
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