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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
4489 Mentat Bug New High Fix filtering mechanism in reporter Jan Žerdík 02/13/2020 10:31 AM
4447 Mentat Feature New High System status monitor should also report on warden-filer status Jan Mach 02/13/2020 10:47 AM
390 BEESIP Task In Progress High Prepare yang module for BESIP Lukáš Macura 05/21/2012 12:03 AM
6257 Mentat Feature New Normal Review calculated statistics in timeline Pavel Kácha 04/01/2020 03:38 PM
6256 Mentat Feature New Normal Review possibilities of support of timeline calculation on db Radko Krkoš 03/09/2020 01:53 PM
6255 Mentat Feature New Normal Move attachments from emails to web Jan Žerdík 04/03/2020 09:33 AM
6252 Mentat Bug New Normal Timeline graphing is causing mayhem on production Jan Mach 03/05/2020 02:52 PM
6251 Mentat Config New Normal Rethink the indices and planner cost optimizations in light of the current usage patterns Radko Krkoš 03/05/2020 01:08 PM
6239 Mentat Task New Normal Simplify/remove too detailed user settings for reporting Jan Žerdík 04/03/2020 11:38 AM
6237 Mentat Feature New Normal Datetime formatting is still not satisfying for most usecases Jan Žerdík 02/25/2020 02:38 PM
6227 Mentat Feature New Normal Incorporate new info from Negistry into group db and reporting Jan Žerdík 03/26/2020 09:39 AM
6222 Mentat Feature New Normal Possibility to regenerate translations on production installed Mentat instance Jan Žerdík 04/03/2020 09:34 AM
6211 Mentat Bug New Normal Missing indices on aggregated columns Radko Krkoš 02/13/2020 10:33 AM
6209 Mentat Bug New Normal Reenable Metacentrum network list update Jan Mach 01/31/2020 02:29 PM
6205 Mentat Task New Normal Review encapsulation of SQLAlchemy and Psycopg2 DBALs Jan Mach 01/24/2020 03:32 PM
6197 Mentat Bug New Normal AmbiguousTimeError when searching events Jan Mach 01/20/2020 08:22 AM
6191 Mentat Bug New Normal Implement thread safety in eventstorage service module Jan Mach 02/03/2020 08:49 AM
6127 Mentat Task New Normal Document procedures for adding new event class Jan Žerdík 04/03/2020 09:34 AM
6126 Mentat Feature New Normal Add information about last filter match to reporter Jan Žerdík 04/03/2020 09:34 AM
5832 Mentat Feature New Normal Further improvements in group and user management tools Jan Mach 01/08/2020 01:32 PM
4745 Mentat Feature In Progress Normal Implement means for testing reporting filters Jan Mach 12/02/2019 09:37 AM
4726 Mentat Feature New Normal Possibility of notification of reporting filter or limits change Jan Mach 01/31/2020 01:59 PM
4723 Mentat Config New Normal Access permisions prevent warden-filer start after system reboot Jan Mach 02/08/2019 12:53 PM
4694 Mentat Feature New Normal More generic mechanism for time window pager Jan Mach 12/02/2019 09:37 AM
4693 Mentat Feature New Normal Implement support for saving custom queries Jan Mach 02/06/2019 05:16 PM
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