Pavel Eis

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  • Registered on: 03/30/2017
  • Last connection: 08/08/2019


  • IDEA (Developer, 11/06/2018)


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02:55 PM IDEA Revision cbeac96f: Add of misp basic unittests
Two basic tests created in First in class
TestMispToIdeaConverter tests MISP to IDEA conversion. Loads ...
02:39 PM IDEA Revision 1184eb55: Update of converter
MISP to IDEA converted moved to class MispToIdea, some semantic
conversion fixes (Email in Source is array etc.). Now...


10:13 PM IDEA Revision ddb57dcd: Added, converter from IDEA to STIX 2.0
08:40 PM IDEA Revision 8d8d4e51: Some fixes to
Added origdata and test option to to_idea.
Fixed CreateTime conversion, when publish_timestamp = 0.
Fixed DetectTime ...
07:50 PM IDEA Revision e28b0f6f: Added converting MISP core format into IDEA.

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