Jan Žerdík

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  • IDEA (Developer, 11/28/2018)
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10:56 AM IDEA Revision bb298e14 (ipranges): Deletion of unused function
10:03 AM IDEA Revision 69204d1a (ipranges): Fix for comparision of ips in python3, identical behavior in python...


12:45 PM Mentat Revision dc44f82d (mentat-ng): Link from reports changed to csag dropdown.
Because of odd behavior of time select widget on events page and nonstandard nature of link, the link from web report...


01:05 PM Mentat Revision a8f69290 (mentat-ng): Fix for showing older reports without structured data
(Redmine issue: #4500)


01:44 PM Mentat Revision 917abd0a (mentat-ng): Merge branch 'devel' into dev_zerdik


05:40 PM Mentat Revision eab4ff4b (mentat-ng): Ordering of sections in report
Forced ordering of sections in report to avoid differente structure between mail and web. (Redmine issue: #4499)
02:25 PM Mentat Revision 951a662b (mentat-ng): Merge branch 'devel' into dev_zerdik
12:58 PM Mentat Revision b41969ed (mentat-ng): Fix of report link to events
Fix of severity keyword and time formating in link from reports table to event search page. (Redmine issue: #4499)


04:48 PM Mentat Revision 922fb974 (mentat-ng): Better work with datetime in json
Datetime in json structured_data is now store in utc timezone, change to report timezone is done in templates. (Redmi...


03:43 PM Mentat Revision 2996ffc6 (mentat-ng): Validation of feedback data
Feedback data are validate while sending, feedback on web is as form, small visual changes to uniformalize visual sty...

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