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02:15 PM Mentat Feature #5751: Consolidate event class configuration
Another for one subfolder:
* for every class we have just label to translate, maybe will have reference (all links...
02:09 PM Mentat Feature #5751: Consolidate event class configuration
About translations for every class in special subfolder vs one translation for all classes in one folder.
Every clas...


11:01 AM Mentat Bug #5062 (Resolved): Real time module sometimes gracefully exits
When two scheduled events is planed close to each other and one should have started during progress of the other, the...


04:55 PM Mentat Revision 987917e0 (mentat-ng): Conditioning sending summary report to mail only if group has set ...
(Redmine issue: #5538)
02:19 PM Mentat Feature #4498 (Resolved): Interactive incident/event reports
02:18 PM Mentat Feature #4499 (Resolved): Extend report metadata
02:18 PM Mentat Feature #4500 (Resolved): On-fly web event report generation
02:18 PM Mentat Feature #4501 (Resolved): Implement lightweight feedback forms for report lines (IPs)
02:17 PM Mentat Feature #5065: Update pynspect query semantic from "return bool" to "return bool deciding data"
Waiting for accepting pull request
02:16 PM Mentat Feature #5068 (Resolved): Add context menu to IP addresses in reports

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