Task #3381

Task #3374: Migrate all core modules from legacy Mentat

Polish mentat-cleanup.py module

Added by REST Automat Admin over 2 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:03/22/2017
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Jan Mach% Done:


Category:Development - Core
Target version:2.0


The module is already implemented, however some polishing regarding documentation, optimal configuration and argument handling and general revision should be done.

Associated revisions

Revision 743d50ba
Added by Jan Mach about 2 years ago

Removed logs collection from list of cleaned collections.

(Redmine issue: #3381)

Revision beba2ff5
Added by Jan Mach over 1 year ago

Rewritten the mentat-cleanup.py module to work with PostgreSQL instead of MongoDB.

Part of the work was extending the eventstorage service to enable parametrized deletion of multiple events similar to searching. (Redmine issue: #3381,#3752)

Revision 754ca77f
Added by Jan Mach about 1 year ago

Improved the mentat-cleanup.py module to cleanup module runlog directories and remove old runlogs.

(Redmine issue: #3381)

Revision b7dba1f6
Added by Jan Mach about 1 year ago

Changed default cleanup thresholds for event database in mentat-cleanup.py module.

(Redmine issue: #3381)

Revision 3a116bcb
Added by Jan Mach about 1 year ago

Improved output of runlog-view and runlogs-evaluate actions in mentat-cleanup.py module.

(Redmine issue: #3381)

Revision 7e6d8142
Added by Jan Mach about 1 year ago

Fix: Fixed invalid dictionary structure path in mentat-cleanup.py module.

After previous changes in database status information dump it was necesary to update the paths to new dictionary keys. (Redmine issue: #3381)

Revision be593a3c
Added by Jan Mach about 1 year ago

Added new options for cleanup thresholds into mentat-cleanup.py module.

Added following threshold options: 12w, 16w, 2y, 3y. (Redmine issue: #3381)

Revision 529a969d
Added by Jan Mach about 1 year ago

Fix: Pointed mentat-cleanup.py to correct reports directory.

(Redmine issue: #3381)

Revision 71c1ec0a
Added by Jan Mach about 1 year ago

Fix: Fixed mentat-cleanup.py module to be able to delete reports from hierarchical structure.

In one of the previous commits new feature was introduced that enabled mentat-reporter.py module to put reports into additional subdirectories to keep the total count of files in reports directory at reasonable level. After that change the cleanup module was not capable of pruning the report directory...and now it does again. (Redmine issue: #3381)


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Current state of this module is sufficient for production environment. We are finally releasing 2.0 version of Mentat system, so the period of frantic coding and implementation chaos is over. Any further improvements of this module will be done as they should in separate Redmine issues.

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