Jan Mach

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  • Instituce: CESNET, z.s.p.o.
  • Registered on: 06/17/2010
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  • IDEA (Developer, 03/17/2014)
  • Mentat (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 01/28/2011)


Reported issues: 144


01:38 PM Mentat Revision e3f839e3 (mentat-ng): DEPLOY: Version bumped up to '2.3.12' to build new distribution.
(Redmine issue: #3387)


11:00 AM Mentat Revision 5504d9a8 (mentat-ng): Changed Debian postinst script to uprgade Mentat wheel to latest v...
(Redmine issue: #3387)
10:48 AM Mentat Revision 4a6c14be (mentat-ng): Fix: Fixed the bug with undefined request locale setting.
(Redmine issue: #4800)
09:33 AM Mentat Revision f8f2d2ef (mentat-ng): Updated czech web interface translations.
(Redmine issue: #3387)
09:17 AM Mentat Revision a16b8f81 (mentat-ng): Updated example Apache configuration to reflect use of virtual env...
(Redmine issue: #3387)


04:39 PM Mentat Revision 57707aab (mentat-ng): Fixed conditional for generating different suites of Debian packages.
(Redmine issue: #3387)
03:43 PM Mentat Revision 16a17567 (mentat-ng): Debian package now installs Mentat into virtual environment.
(Redmine issue: #3387)


09:58 AM Mentat Revision 81346647 (mentat-ng): Fixed some lintian warnings for Debian package.
(Redmine issue: #3387)


03:51 PM Mentat Revision 0ba6debb (mentat-ng): Disabled currently empty Hawat pluggable module - help.
Users are not happy when they enter empty help page. It is better to hide it until there is some useful content.
02:32 PM Mentat Bug #4874 (New): Button for adding new reporting filter is not easy to find
Users are not able to find the button for adding new reporting filters.

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