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  • Instituce: CESNET, z.s.p.o.
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  • IDEA (Developer, 03/17/2014)
  • Mentat (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 01/28/2011)


Reported issues: 136


06:28 PM Mentat Revision 307c703f (mentat-ng): Changed the setup.py to load development requirements from file.
(Redmine issue: #4216,#3387)
06:02 PM Mentat Revision 8ee65f54 (mentat-ng): Fixes and improvements in master makefile.
* Merged pylint and pyflakes tasks for simplicity,
* Fixed broken clean task.
* Updated development documentation to ...
04:37 PM Mentat Task #4216 (In Progress): Make Mentat executable from within the cloned Git repository
04:19 PM Mentat Revision d1672c44 (mentat-ng): Make the whole project more developer friendly.
Following big improvements were made to make the development more easier:
* Created the 'setup.py' script to support...


10:05 AM Mentat Revision 1003d42b (mentat-ng): Removed unnecessary shell script.
(Redmine issue: #4216)
09:56 AM Mentat Revision 052ecf52 (mentat-ng): Canceled explicit sorting of IP addresses to keep the original order.
IDEA event objects contain utility method for retrieving all Source/Target IP addresses. I have reverted the changes ...
09:35 AM Mentat Revision 917abc8f (mentat-ng): Removed more unnecessary code related to MongoDB.
The methods removed in this commit took care of escaping '.' characters in disctionary keys, because in MongoDB it wa...
09:29 AM Mentat Revision cf4eef9e (mentat-ng): Fix: Fixed UserModel bug - is_active() method should return the va...


11:34 AM Mentat Revision a28dbcb5 (mentat-ng): Merged hotfix patch into current development codebase.
After release two minor bugs were found in the codebase that needed immediate patching. I have fixed that in separate...
11:12 AM Mentat Revision e18a7fd4 (mentat-ng): DEPLOY: Version bumped up to '2.3.2' to build new distribution.
(Redmine issue: #3387)

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