Jan Mach

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  • Instituce: CESNET, z.s.p.o.
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  • IDEA (Developer, 03/17/2014)
  • Mentat (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 01/28/2011)


Reported issues: 148


10:17 AM Mentat Revision 09707597 (mentat-ng): Fix: Added missing session commits.
(Redmine issue: #4251)


06:27 PM Mentat Revision 6e0f1778 (mentat-ng): Improved group self-management feature.
Each group has an attribute indicating self-management. When enabled, notice about group membership requests is sent ...
03:35 PM Mentat Feature #5832 (New): Further imporvements in group and user management tools
03:34 PM Mentat Revision 456b47ed (mentat-ng): Added the ability to reject group membership requests.
Group managers must have the ability to reject unwanted group membership requests. (Redmine issue: #5832)
11:12 AM Mentat Revision ff552477 (mentat-ng): Fix: Removed unused configuration key from reporter.
08:38 AM Mentat Revision cd7850ee (mentat-ng): Fix: Minor bug fix in Hawat JS library.
Reference to non existent vaiable.


01:04 PM Mentat Feature #5069 (Rejected): NERD info integration
This is already done.
12:02 PM Mentat Revision 616af8a9 (mentat-ng): DEPLOY: Version bumped up to '2.5.0' to build new distribution.
(Redmine issue: #3387)
11:47 AM Mentat Feature #5762 (Closed): Simplify group member management for group managers
Done. There is a room for future improvements, but those will be done in separate issues.
11:37 AM Mentat Revision 5eb18d0b (mentat-ng): Updated czech web interface translations.
(Redmine issue: #3387)

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