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IDEA Developer 03/17/2014
Mentat Manager, Developer, Reporter 01/28/2011



08:35 AM Mentat Bug #7365: Buildbot warnings on mentat-deb
Radko Krkoš wrote in #note-1:
> The required changes are in repository in the branch source:"@krkos-bug-#7365-buildb...
Jan Mach
08:21 AM Mentat Revision f67b09a8 (mentat-ng): Tweaks and improvements in Vagrant development environment bootstrap scripts.
(Redmine issue: #7041) Jan Mach


09:59 AM Mentat Revision 46b5c5cf (mentat-ng): Improvements in provisioning scripts.
(Redmine issue: #7041) Jan Mach


06:38 PM Mentat Task #7041: Use Vagrant as alternative tool for local development
After much work and consideration I have concluded, that it will be much better to use Vagrant and therefore full fea... Jan Mach
06:27 PM Mentat Revision 72b785e9 (mentat-ng): Unpolished proof of concept for the use of Vagrant for local Mentat development.
Original idea wa to use Docker for this purpose, but it turned out full
featured virtual server will be much better s...
Jan Mach


09:46 AM Mentat Bug #7159: Context menu in managers' list of group details does not allow removing managership
Note: Code merged into devel, associated remote branch deleted. Jan Mach
09:43 AM Mentat Bug #7159 (In Review): Context menu in managers' list of group details does not allow removing managership
Deployed to mentat-alt (
Turned out it was not a bug, but miss...
Jan Mach
09:43 AM Mentat Bug #7106 (In Progress): Notification mails about new users for the group do not seem to go to group admin
Jan Mach
09:31 AM Mentat Revision ac5e2122 (mentat-ng): DEPLOY: Version bumped up to '2.7.25' to build new distribution.
(Redmine issue: #3387,#7159) Jan Mach
09:30 AM Mentat Revision a349e475 (mentat-ng): Merge branch 'mach-bug-#7159' into devel
(Redmine issue: #7159) Jan Mach

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