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IDEA Developer 03/17/2014
Mentat Manager, Developer, Reporter 01/28/2011



06:24 PM Mentat Revision f4b1bd23 (mentat-ng): Implemented prototype script for creating snapshots for development purposes.
(Redmine issue: #7041) Jan Mach
04:22 PM Mentat Revision 5bf366e5 (mentat-ng): Fixed the order of executing provisioning commands.
(Redmine issue: #7041) Jan Mach
04:03 PM Mentat Revision 859bc394 (mentat-ng): Optimizations and fixes in Vagrant image provisioning.
(Redmine issue: #7041) Jan Mach


09:18 PM Mentat Revision ec3bb508 (mentat-ng): Finetuning of the Vagrant provisioning.
(Redmine issue: #7041) Jan Mach


08:55 PM Mentat Revision a64196cf (mentat-ng): Fixed Vagrant provisioning errors.
(Redmine issue: #7041) Jan Mach


12:33 PM Mentat Revision 6b8dde90 (mentat-ng): Fixes and improvements in Vagrant box provisioning.
(Redmine issue: #7041) Jan Mach
07:44 AM Mentat Revision 8706d06c (mentat-ng): Tweaks and improvements in Vagrant development environment bootstrap scripts.
(Redmine issue: #7041) Jan Mach
07:41 AM Mentat Revision add4a220 (mentat-ng): Unpolished proof of concept for the use of Vagrant for local Mentat development.
Original idea wa to use Docker for this purpose, but it turned out full
featured virtual server will be much better s...
Jan Mach
07:41 AM Mentat Revision 189f185e (mentat-ng): Improvements in provisioning scripts.
(Redmine issue: #7041) Jan Mach


09:43 AM Mentat Revision 019ff14f (mentat-ng): Remove build environment artefact from Debian package.
(Redmine issue: #7379) Jan Mach

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