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Mentat Manager, Developer, Reporter 01/28/2011
Warden Reporter 08/08/2011



11:44 AM Mentat Revision 5d6cac03 (mentat-ng): Vagrant tweaks to simplify development
There were some issues with Vagrant box for development regarding
launching various project utilities (like rebuildin...
Jan Mach


10:02 PM Mentat Revision abac38be (mentat-ng): Initial rough work
(Redmine issue: #7554) Jan Mach


01:59 PM Mentat Revision 04e0d772 (mentat-ng): Fix Pyflakes errors
(Redmine issue: #7544) Jan Mach
01:56 PM Mentat Revision 798ae0bb (mentat-ng): Make tests pass
(Redmine issue: #7544) Jan Mach


06:52 PM Mentat Revision 0b271547 (mentat-ng): Fixed incorrect login validation for user form
(Redmine issue: #7544) Jan Mach
05:25 PM Mentat Task #7544: Resect Vial
I have merged new code to devel branch to avoid blocking some other tasks and improvements and make merge easier. It ... Jan Mach
04:24 PM Mentat Revision 6a18aab2 (mentat-ng): Fix Pyflakes errors
(Redmine issue: #7544) Jan Mach
04:20 PM Mentat Revision 3edf67fd (mentat-ng): DEPLOY: Version bumped up to '2.9.105' to build a new distribution.
(Redmine issue: #7544) Jan Mach
04:19 PM Mentat Revision 5327e701 (mentat-ng): Make tests pass
(Redmine issue: #7544) Jan Mach
03:26 PM Mentat Revision 974bd3f4 (mentat-ng): Fix Pyflakes errors
(Redmine issue: #7544) Jan Mach

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