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IDEA Developer 03/17/2014
Mentat Manager, Developer, Reporter 01/28/2011



12:02 PM Mentat Revision 5fdb57e9 (mentat-ng): Fix: Fixed accessing attribute of undefined object.
Jan Mach


11:14 AM Mentat Revision a5652699 (mentat-ng): Fix: Forced module to use database configuration from file.
Jan Mach


04:03 PM Mentat Bug #6414 (Feedback): Timeline pre-generated time bounds are not respected
Radko Krkoš wrote in #note-1:
> After more testing, this seems intentional, the interval is extended to a full week....
Jan Mach


01:54 PM Mentat Feature #6311 (Feedback): Consider reimplementing multi-field statistics in terms of event count percents
Radko Krkoš wrote in #note-2:
> This is already done, isn't it?
I think you are correct.
Jan Mach


09:41 AM Mentat Revision ce1a2f59 (mentat-ng): Fixed informant templates for certain undefined values.
Jan Mach


12:33 PM Mentat Revision 622a55e4 (mentat-ng): DEPLOY: Version bumped up to '2.7.6' to build new distribution.
(Redmine issue: #3387) Jan Mach


08:34 PM Mentat Revision 47e8c3ae (mentat-ng): Improved result filtering options in all object management views.
Searching and filtering options for users, groups, etc. were greatly improved. Previous solution was using JavaScript... Jan Mach


11:53 AM Mentat Revision 3d66c74d (mentat-ng): Fix: Fixed unit tests that broke after fixing the login redirection for unauthorized users.
Jan Mach
09:41 AM Mentat Revision 9f563532 (mentat-ng): DEPLOY: Version bumped up to '2.7.3' to build new distribution.
Jan Mach
09:40 AM Mentat Revision 0b9bd1a8 (mentat-ng): Removed unnecessary authorization checks.
Requiring any user role is the same as requiring user to be authenticated, so these checks were unnecessary. Jan Mach

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