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11:18 AM Mentat Bug #7381 (Resolved): Upgrading section contains problematic --command init
I checked the previous versions of Mentat and looked into migrations, created tables and indexes. There is a migratio... Rajmund Hruska
09:44 AM Mentat Feature #7439: Remove FileWhoisModule from whois service
I tried resolving networks from @/var/mentat/whois-exceptions.json@ with the new data from Negistry. All of the netwo... Rajmund Hruska


08:09 PM Mentat Feature #7439 (In Progress): Remove FileWhoisModule from whois service
I checked the configuration file for the whois service and I found out that this module uses /var/mentat/whois-except... Rajmund Hruska
07:55 PM Mentat Feature #7439 (In Progress): Remove FileWhoisModule from whois service
Currently, the whois service is able to use 2 modules - SqldbWhoisModule and FileWhoisModule. Using the FileWhoisModu... Rajmund Hruska
04:04 PM Mentat Bug #7380: Obsolete db path in
I have noticed that there are sections in "Upgrading PostgreSQL from X to Y" in the documentation regarding the chang... Rajmund Hruska
03:57 PM Mentat Revision 31e13dfb (mentat-ng): Fix: Remove db_path from upgrading section of documentation. (Redmine issue: #7380)
Rajmund Hruska
03:28 PM Mentat Feature #6800 (Resolved): Rename _CESNET key to _Mentat (or make it configurable)
As it was discussed during the meeting on 2021-06-18, I added the note about upgrading to the latest version of Menta... Rajmund Hruska
03:20 PM Mentat Revision b309d672 (mentat-ng): Fix: Add notice about upgrading Mentat to documentation. (Redmine issue: #6800)
Rajmund Hruska
08:25 AM Mentat Bug #7381 (In Progress): Upgrading section contains problematic --command init
Based on the meeting from 2021-06-11, same tables or indexes might be created in the code and not as a alembic migrat... Rajmund Hruska
07:48 AM Mentat Revision 9857d5ce (mentat-ng): Fix: Update source of changed networks. (Redmine issue: #6227)
Rajmund Hruska

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