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02:57 PM Mentat Bug #7613 (In Progress): Various fields insist on interpreting whitespace
On the devel branch, I built the machine from scratch and then imported the data from negistry whois file (located at... Rajmund Hruška
01:20 PM Mentat Bug #7659 (New): Exception is not defined in blinker
I found this error in the error log from apache2: ... Rajmund Hruška


03:46 PM Mentat Revision 221e9a49 (mentat-ng): Fix: Use underscore instead of comma (Redmine issue: #7613)
Rajmund Hruška


03:29 PM Mentat Support #7643 (In Review): Replace bsddb3 with berkeleydb or remove it altogether
Rajmund Hruška
02:56 PM Mentat Revision 2c11cc72 (mentat-ng): DEPLOY: Version bumped up to '2.10.132' to build a new distribution
(Redmine issue: #7643) Rajmund Hruška
02:55 PM Mentat Revision da0643ae (mentat-ng): Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/judiny-support-#7643-remove-cache' into devel
Rajmund Hruška
02:43 PM Mentat Bug #7658 (In Progress): Last login of users is not tracked correctly
I think the login time in user model is not always storing the correct timestamps.
And in object management dashbo...
Rajmund Hruška
02:05 PM Mentat Bug #7654 (Deferred): pylint job on buildbot takes too long
There is nothing more to be done with @pylint@ currently.
Maybe we should consider using other linting tool, e.g. ...
Rajmund Hruška
10:39 AM Mentat Bug #7654: pylint job on buildbot takes too long
I don't think we can exclude checking the dependencies as it is built in the code and it seems there is no way of dis... Rajmund Hruška


02:02 PM Mentat Bug #7654: pylint job on buildbot takes too long
Pavel Kácha wrote in #note-4:
> The linter grinds also through external libraries (SQLAlchemy/Flask-SQLAlchemy)? Do ...
Rajmund Hruška

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