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Mentat Developer, Reporter 11/14/2022
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08:16 PM Mentat Revision d28f4419 (mentat-ng): Feat: implement item limit for list fields in email reports
(Redmine issue: #7692) Jakub Judiny
02:08 PM Mentat Revision 351b6bfb (mentat-ng): Fix: typo in the label of 'recon-scanning' event class
(Redmine issue: #7692) Jakub Judiny
01:01 PM Mentat Revision 9ab45c4c (mentat-ng): Fix: replace <<unknown>> with -- when subclassing is disabled (in event classes list view)
(Redmine issue: #7692) Jakub Judiny
12:01 PM Mentat Revision 33765218 (mentat-ng): Feat: main information and detailed information from detectors should have the same identation
(Redmine issue: #7692) Jakub Judiny
11:59 AM Mentat Revision 53e83497 (mentat-ng): Fix: do not remove newline in relapsed problems section in email report
(Redmine issue: #7692) Jakub Judiny


04:23 PM Mentat Revision 8320e1c3 (mentat-ng): Feat: show only N items of aggregated lists in web version of reports
(Redmine issue: #7692) Jakub Judiny
03:55 PM Mentat Revision ccee1471 (mentat-ng): Fix: correct maximum length of line in email reports
(Redmine issue: #7692) Jakub Judiny


03:20 PM Mentat Revision a26f2643 (mentat-ng): Fix: copy paste issues
(Redmine issue: #7692) Jakub Judiny
03:15 PM Mentat Revision 06c163a2 (mentat-ng): Feat: add a separate command to add event classes to database
(Redmine issue: #7692) Jakub Judiny


05:47 PM Mentat Revision bc440547 (mentat-ng): Refactor: move inspection rules setup to helper method
(Redmine issue: #7692) Jakub Judiny

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