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12:24 PM Mentat Feature #6255: Move attachments from emails to web
Note: Mail was sent 28 May 2020 14:45:07, so next action is to get rid of attachments and CSVs at the beginning of Au... Pavel Kácha


10:40 AM Mentat Feature #6227: Incorporate new info from Negistry into group db and reporting
Nets without abuse contact:
* we need new config key which will get these stray reports
* error line in report (thu...
Pavel Kácha


03:34 PM Mentat Bug #6211: Missing indices on aggregated columns
Looks cool! Thanks for testing.
Did you test with full data (not fitting into RAM), or only part of it (fitting i...
Pavel Kácha


10:46 AM Mentat Feature #5832: Further improvements in group and user management tools
* Probably get rid of DataTables
* Server paging
* Enhance searching (based on other fields)
Pavel Kácha
10:19 AM Mentat Bug #6252 (Closed): Timeline graphing is causing mayhem on production
Solved for now. Pavel Kácha


10:28 AM Mentat Feature #6255: Move attachments from emails to web
Please, write concept of mail for users, we'll send it with new release (with info text and URLs in templates, howeve... Pavel Kácha


01:11 PM Mentat Feature #6257: Review calculated statistics in timeline
Lets postpone discussion after finishing #6308, as it involves adding some columns to flat data table. Pavel Kácha
11:33 AM Mentat Feature #6256: Review possibilities of support of timeline calculation on db
After heated discussion: :)
* partitioning seems the cheapest, nowadays in PQ quite usable
* Timescale - may be w...
Pavel Kácha


06:03 PM Mentat Feature #4273: Consider/choose/implement different communication protocol
Couple of forgotten notes from some old discussion:
* do we want memory based one (to avoid disk trashing)?
* do ...
Pavel Kácha


09:53 AM Mentat Feature #6308: Reimplement timeline calculations on database
Hotovo, týdenní dotaz trvá cca 2 minuty pro výpočet všech agregací pro eventy, abuse, kategorie, detektory, IP, třídy... Pavel Kácha

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