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10:41 AM Mentat Feature #6800 (In Progress): Rename _CESNET key to _Mentat (or make it configurable)
Reopening to not forget it on 2.8 release. Pavel Kácha
10:37 AM Mentat Support #7387: Evaluate pg_repack as a way to shorten maintenance downtime on upgrade
Ok, let's consider testing it on next upgrade, and based on the results we can add it as alternative (or sole solutio... Pavel Kácha
10:28 AM Mentat Config #6251: Rethink the indices and planner cost optimizations in light of the current usage patterns
From CTI Apache log:... Pavel Kácha


04:04 PM Mentat Revision a6c2e0d7 (mentat-ng): Update example inspector configuration file
Pavel Kácha
03:22 PM Mentat Bug #7382 (New): When daemons run in parallel, pid files are generated with wrong PID in name
Seems PID in filename does not correspond with PID in file. Pavel Kácha
03:06 PM Mentat Revision 52fcdf2a (mentat-ng): Add mention of merged configs into documentation
(Redmine issue: #6949) Pavel Kácha
01:55 PM Mentat Bug #7381 (Resolved): Upgrading section contains problematic --command init
"Upgrading Mentat system" section in Upgrading page contains in step 4 initialization of db. This should in most case... Pavel Kácha
01:49 PM Mentat Bug #7380 (Resolved): Obsolete db path in
There is still path to PostgreSQL 12 in cleanup config file. It should not make hard problems, because it is probably... Pavel Kácha
01:38 PM Mentat Bug #7379 (New): Generated packages contain dangling link to .env for Alembic
Resulting packages contain /etc/mentat/migrations-events/.env as dangling link to build environment. It should be set... Pavel Kácha
09:07 AM Mentat Config #6949 (Closed): Merge inspector configs into one
Pavel Kácha

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