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03:58 PM Mentat Task #7689: Node.js setup_XX.x installation script is deprecated
Do we actually need Node anymore? Guess we use it for Grunt, which is used for „correct“ installation and minificatio... Pavel Kácha


11:17 AM Mentat Feature #7691 (New): Allow for configurable company identity and personal data processing URL
On account registration it's usual (and nowadays necessary) to at least show some URL to personal data processing leg... Pavel Kácha


11:18 AM Mentat Feature #7678: Better event view
Just note: cz.cesnet.ftas content type is fixed (from text/csv to text/plain) Pavel Kácha


01:50 PM Mentat Bug #7681: There are no detectors on Hub
Rajmund Hruška wrote in #note-2:
> I am still waiting for #7635 to be merged in master and deployed on warden-hub. u...
Pavel Kácha


01:36 PM Mentat Feature #7678: Better event view
Added #7561 as related. We might be actually able to get rid of that YAML altogether and close #7561 after we have ni... Pavel Kácha


01:02 PM Mentat Task #7539: Migrate from Buildbot to GitLab
🎆 👏 🥂 Pavel Kácha


02:13 PM Mentat Revision 942732b3 (mentat-ng): Remove CeaseTime_gt_DetectTime check from example inspector config, as it actually makes sense to make a detection before attack ends
Pavel Kácha


01:55 PM Mentat Feature #7653: Implement Negistry-like JSON dump API for exporting group/network/abuse contact data
Rajmund Hruška wrote in #note-5:
> Pavel Kácha wrote in #note-2:
> > * Comparing to Negistry export, we don't need...
Pavel Kácha


03:05 PM Mentat Feature #7653: Implement Negistry-like JSON dump API for exporting group/network/abuse contact data
There exist abuse groups, which contain multiple network with different CIDs – so we are not able to reliably assign ... Pavel Kácha


02:27 PM Mentat Bug #7241: Hawat fails with 500 on DB restart, Mentat (Storage) also breaks
Seems problem is in both SQLAlchemy backends and psycopg (events) backend. Pavel Kácha

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