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Mentat Manager, Developer, Reporter 05/17/2011
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03:29 PM Mentat Task #7539: Migrate from Buildbot to GitLab
Rajmund Hruska wrote in #note-15:
> So, the backup is set up on mentat-alt. If I understand it correctly I can keep ...
Pavel Kácha


03:30 PM Mentat Bug #7613 (New): Various fields insist on interpreting whitespace
At least user and group management search forms keep whitespace when searching. As both username and group name must ... Pavel Kácha
03:26 PM Mentat Bug #7612 (New): 'Basic' reporting filters are not editable
*Update* form (mentat/filters/NNN/update) does not provide some fields back for editation. Seems it does for Categori... Pavel Kácha


05:28 PM Mentat Feature #7611 (New): Script for modification of postgresql.conf for only necessary changes
On regular update of PostgreSQL we have to incorporate config file changes again and again and again. This is quite t... Pavel Kácha
05:23 PM Mentat Feature #7610 (New): Mark data generated from already cleaned up data
We do selective database cleanup - most of the old data is deleted, but some (which we consider important) stay. We p... Pavel Kácha
05:20 PM Warden Revision 05c24209: Secret in client configuration is not necessary anymore
Pavel Kácha


03:23 PM Mentat Bug #7608 (New): User activation updates changelog of just one object
When activating user through context menu or user edit (users/NNN/...), changelog of the user is updated.
When add...
Pavel Kácha
03:19 PM Mentat Bug #7607 (New): Awaited flag is removed inconsistently
When new user asks for an account and indicates which group they want to be member of, there are (at least) three way... Pavel Kácha


11:35 AM Mentat Bug #7606 (New): IP4R extension is not regularly updated
Extension versions can change and be updated, however for this to be in effect it needs "alter extension update..."
Pavel Kácha
11:32 AM Mentat Bug #7605 (New): Migration 4a172cd00ef0 silently uses plpgsql extension
Migration uses plpqsql and silently expects it to exist and be active... Pavel Kácha

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