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01:56 PM Mentat Feature #7621 (New): Reporting of post-hoc events detected by FTAS (and other)
The Flow Traffic Analysis System (FTAS) routinely reports incidents that were prevented by automated measures. The pr... Radko Krkoš


11:58 AM Mentat Feature #6413: Autarkic DB queries for timeline
A follow-up from the VC:
Regarding the incompleteness of the query, that was my mistake, the relative counts are onl...
Radko Krkoš


10:32 AM Mentat Feature #6257: Review calculated statistics in timeline
As per the #note-18, there are some parts left to implement. At least the Services and Targets should not be too diff... Radko Krkoš
10:26 AM Mentat Bug #6414: Timeline pre-generated time bounds are not respected
As discussed on the meeting, timeline looks like a good place to start hacking Mentat right now. Radko Krkoš


05:16 PM Mentat Bug #7573: Cookies in default configuration are not marked Secure
An interesting tool regarding Flask cookie security: Radko Krkoš
01:47 PM Mentat Bug #7591: Tests fail because remaining connection slots are reserved for non-replication superuser connections
Rajmund Hruska wrote in #note-13:
> I ran the tests with @nose2@ and @unittest@ and default Postgres configuration f...
Radko Krkoš


06:53 PM Mentat Bug #7553: Wrong display of national characters in preloaded data in user registration form
Pavel Kácha wrote in #note-12:
> Radko, could you try implement migration for these columns?
As discussed, a migr...
Radko Krkoš
06:25 PM Mentat Revision 9930c23a (mentat-ng): Fix: Add migration to use correct encoding from environment
* The issue was fixed in code in revisions 4c89be6b and a82dc686. This
commit uses the same approach, but fixes the...
Radko Krkoš


08:07 PM Mentat Bug #7593: Case sensitive identifiers for users and groups cause problems
Rajmund Hruska wrote in #note-10:
> Rajmund Hruska wrote in #note-9:
> > I forgot to add CHECK constraint.
> F...
Radko Krkoš


06:11 PM Mentat Revision 999436ff (mentat-ng): Fix: Add migration to use correct encoding from environment
* This was fixed in code in revisions 4c89be6b and a82dc686, this uses
the same approach, but fixes the existing ma...
Radko Krkoš

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