Feature #4273

Updated by Pavel Kácha almost 6 years ago

Filer communication protocol serves well and is simple enough. However it has its limitations and might make sense to pursue different direction, so this issue is meant for review/discussion. Also, this need not necessarily mean complete replacement, Mentat can happily support multiple protocols for different situations if that makes sense. 

 Filer protocol deficiencies: 

 * too big or too many events may hit disk and cause trashing because of interference between different daemon queues and db disk access 
 * does not support inter-machine communication (ok, not easily) 
 * although easy, is nonstandard 

 New chosen protocol(s) should: 

 * be memory based to prevent potential disk trashing 
 * support both efficient local and network communication 
 * be at least somewhat standard 
 * be comparatively performing to current solution 
 * broker (if applicable/used) should be small and lightweight, based on sane language/platform