There are several ways how to download Beesip into your device. You can:

  • download a Beesip package via package repository. Beesip package is a meta package which prepares your existing OpenWrt environment for Beesip and installs all needed dependencies.
  • download a complete Beesip image for specific device. This is a whole system image to be flashed via web interface or copied to a drive by a dd command.
  • use our build system to build a Beesip image.
  • use our package repository for your buildroot environment.

System image

To download the latest Beesip image in version 1.4.1 please visit []

There is a list of current and older versions of Beesip:

Source code for building Beesip by scratch

Please see Development wiki

Known Issues

VMware ESXi

Running Beesip on VMware ESXi 5.1 and older may cause host to fail with a purple diagnostic screen.

To work around this issue, connect to each host in your environment using SSH and run this command:

esxcli system settings advanced set -o /BufferCache/MinZeroCopyBufferLength -i 512 

To verify that the setting has been updated, run this command:

esxcli system settings advanced list --option /BufferCache/MinZeroCopyBufferLength 

See also VMware knowledge base #2038767 []