Beesip (Bright Efficient Embedded Solution for IP Telephony)

The aim of the project is the development and implementation of embedded SIP communication server with an easy integration into the computer network based on open-source solutions. The solution will serve to provide SIP IP telephony infrastructure for small branch offices, and offers several advanced management services and support for SIP communication server itself. This project is supported by CESNET organization ( During our work, we try to focus on security and reliability by default. There are more project which focus on IP telephony, but we needed something else. We do not want to create new engine for IP telephony. There are enough excellent engines today. We only make glue of more available projects and try do do our best to make it secure and robust. Next goal is to use NETCONF as main configuration protocol and CLI for configuration.

What does it do? See datasheets!


  • Bleeding Edge. We make glue of latest VoIP packages of telephony feed. Everyting in one, downloadable image.
  • Easy to use. Just download image and use your favourite virtualisation technology like KVM or VmWare
  • Scalable. Beesip (like OpenWrt) can run on small home router for small usage, on Raspberry PI or as virtual appliance for high speed
  • Easy to port. Beesip can run almost on any HW which is supported by OpenWrt
  • Configurable. Beesip is highly configurable during build process. You can configure any target by your own (add files, deploy certificates into image, disable or enable packages)
  • Manageable. Beesip is not like normal operating system with entire filesystem writeable. Configuration is on separate place. This means that you can upgrade Beesip and use same config.
  • Distributed as Image. Just download, flash and go. If HW is broken, change HW and copy only configuration
  • Provisioning. Beesip can be provisioned using uciprov package. You can run lot of images with common configurations, stored on external place (like http,tftp,https,...).

Why to use Beesip?

  • Do you need to deploy some network device with provisioning and autoconfiguration?
  • Do you want to optimize for your HW?
  • Do you need some VoIP application?
  • Do you need SBC?

How to download and install Beesip

Download Beesip images or source codes and start to use!

Docs and guides

Project documentation and guides (setup, installation and usage guides which shows how to do everything in/with Beesip image).

OpenSource software which we use

  • OpenWrt - Used for core image management and packages creation. We are making embedded solution with good patch management. Even if we use Debian as excellent desktop and server OS, we decided to use distribution which is more focused for embedding. We do not want to allow more customizations and unneeded files like normal OS. Image releases will be clean and strict, based on OpenWrt images. Similar to commercial hardware products with image releases and management.
  • Asterisk - Excellent PBX with great services. We need it's functions for monitoring, PBX services and basic call mangling
  • Kamailio - Excellent SIP proxy which can handle thousand of calls even on small hardware. We need it's functions for security, call routing and endpoint registration.


Development instructions describes, how to build Beesip or how to contribute to Beesip.