Mentat system - development documentation

This wiki based documentation should serve only for the purposes of project development support. General documentation for public usage is published on main project web site:

Internal documentation for administration of CESNET`s Mentat system installation can be found in restricted internal wiki:

More in-depth documentation including API documentation is generated using sphinx-doc documentation tool and available at our automated build server Alchemist:

Project packages can also be found on our automated build server Alchemist:

Table of contents

Quick overview

Public project repositories

Related projects

  • project:idea - webpage repository - Intrusion Detection Extensible Alert data model for security information exchange.
  • Warden - webpage repository - System for efficient sharing information about detected events (threats).
  • project:sabu - webpage repository - System for efficient sharing of information about security events and their analysis between the security teams in the Czech Republic.
  • pyzenkit - webpage repository - Python 3 script and daemon toolkit.
  • pynspect - webpage repository Python data inspection library.

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