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mentat-inspector.py - Provide default values for action arguments

Added by Jan Mach over 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:03/22/2017
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Category:Development - Core
Target version:2.0


Currently all action arguments are mandatory. Provide configurable default values wherever possible, so that the configuration does nt have to be repeated.

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Revision 8496ca27
Added by Jan Mach over 2 years ago

Implemented support for default argument values in inspection actions.

When not explicitly set and appropriate, default value will be used as and inspection action agument. Updated log line styles to match. Updated demo and default configuration files to provide clues of new options. Updated unit tests to verify new functionality (visually, currently without assertions. (Redmine issues: #3373 and #1017)


#1 Updated by Jan Mach over 2 years ago

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#2 Updated by Jan Mach over 2 years ago

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I have implemented general mechanism for providing default values to non-existent action arguments. It is already used for overwrite and unique arguments of tag and set actions. Default values for report action are still coming, I need more time to think it through, so it can be used throughout the whole system.

#3 Updated by Pavel Kácha over 2 years ago

Just a note (and maybe irrelevant, I haven’t checked in deep) - don’t forget, that default value can be per rule, not only per daemon - for example it makes sense to put the name of the matching rule to the subject of the mailed message.

#4 Updated by Jan Mach almost 2 years ago

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This feature is fully implemented in production code.

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