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Datetime formatting is still not satisfying for most usecases

Added by Pavel Kácha 3 months ago. Updated 12 days ago.

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Jiří Čepák from complained about change of format in plaintext mail reports, as he would prefer ISO 8601 (however I believe he means RFC 3339 in fact).

We are trying to wedge as much info into as little width as possible already, so lengthening is probably a no-go.

However, we could allow more possibilities in web report versions (list is not definitive and free for discussion):

  • popup bubble with alternate timestamp formats for cut’n’pasting
  • possibility to change datetime format to ISO (besides localised versions) as user preference
  • possibility to change datetime format in top right “world” menu

For start let’s change web timestamp format to respect locale setting, and add popup bubble with two versions of ISO 3339 format - one in local timezone, one in Zulu.

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Revision eb1d9d40 (diff)
Added by Jan Žerdík 27 days ago

Adding popup with different time formats in reports.

(Redmine issue: #6237)


#1 Updated by Jan Žerdík 26 days ago

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#2 Updated by Jan Mach 26 days ago

Before closing and after deployment to mentat-hub inform author of original complaint.


#3 Updated by Jan Mach 20 days ago

Merged and deployed on mentat-alt.

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Sent email request to abuse@cesnet to inform original complainer about the change.

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