Feature #6227

Incorporate new info from Negistry into group db and reporting

Added by Pavel Kácha 5 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Negistry will be able to hold information about (some) local subblocks not in RIPE, and also about some overlaying blocks (like Metacentrum machines, CESNET machines on foreign IPs, etc). Also, it exports abuse contacts with information about severity, which this abuse contact is expecting to see.

There are two exports - one, which is very similar to current one, simply exports all the information. And nonoverlapping one, which provides calculated information about abuse contact (and related block handles without detailed info).

See full examples in attachments.


Related issues

Related to Mentat - Task #6239: Simplify/remove too detailed user settings for reportingNewJan Žerdík02/25/2020


Updated by Pavel Kácha 5 months ago

  • Related to Task #6239: Simplify/remove too detailed user settings for reporting added

Updated by Pavel Kácha 4 months ago

If we need to send reports to more recipients (To, Cc), we have a clash in reporting preferences (which takes precedence and how), and also in working with summary reports.

Settings adaptation gets tracked in #6239.

After discussion, summary reports can be solved by a bit different splitting. We now have nonoverlapping abuse contact resolution, so let’s create summary reports for the most specific networks. That may mean more summaries, however only for handful of organisations, for whom we have more specific data - and these will most probably benefit from it. Also, it is possible to “merge” summaries across boundaries in overlapping networks (GRID).


Updated by Jan Žerdík 4 months ago

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Updated by Jan Žerdík about 2 months ago

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Updated by Pavel Kácha about 1 month ago

Nets without abuse contact:
  • we need new config key which will get these stray reports
  • error line in report (thus in template)
Nets which cannot compute abuse contact (Cc low, To critical, we are not able to direct report low/med/high)
  • let it also go to stray report contact with error line

Needs solution in Negistry (to not allow “unsolvable” situations).

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