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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7639 Mentat Bug New Normal Timeout error when searching for updates 03/27/2023 04:18 PM Actions
7638 Mentat Bug New Low mentat-statistician error after DST change 03/27/2023 01:41 PM Actions
7635 Warden Feature Resolved Normal Expose clients via API Pavel Kácha 03/08/2023 03:09 PM Actions
7634 Warden Bug New Normal authorize method doesn't check all flags Pavel Kácha 03/08/2023 02:14 PM Actions
7632 Mentat Support In Progress Normal Mentat dependencies upgrade Jakub Judiny 03/15/2023 12:42 PM Actions
7631 Mentat Bug Resolved High Timestamp bounds in event search work badly with timezones Rajmund Hruška 03/27/2023 01:20 PM Actions
7630 Mentat Bug Resolved Normal Network address validator and internal whois have inconsistent expectations Rajmund Hruška 03/21/2023 10:43 AM Actions
7629 Mentat Feature In Review Normal Group details miss possibility to create new network Rajmund Hruška 03/23/2023 03:18 PM Actions
7627 Mentat Bug New Normal Reporting dashboard shows count of extra reports as 'undefined' 02/23/2023 02:40 PM Actions
7626 Mentat Bug In Review Normal /hosts endpoint still lingers in some context menus Rajmund Hruška 03/23/2023 03:17 PM Actions
7625 Mentat Bug In Progress Normal FilterForms throw error when 'no preference' is chosen Jakub Judiny 03/14/2023 04:14 PM Actions
7624 Mentat Bug New Normal precache module throws error when database is shutting down 02/23/2023 02:25 PM Actions
7623 Mentat Bug New Normal Enabling user shows message that it was unsuccessful 01/31/2023 01:52 PM Actions
7621 Mentat Feature New Normal Reporting of post-hoc events detected by FTAS (and other) 01/04/2023 01:56 PM Actions
7619 Mentat Bug New Normal Flask Deprecation warnings 01/17/2023 02:27 PM Actions
7617 Mentat Bug In Review Low Timeline bucket snapping/rounding does not respect the user-defined timezone Jakub Maloštik 01/05/2023 10:44 AM Actions
7616 Mentat Bug New Low Timeline graph time axis does not respect the user-defined timezone 12/14/2022 11:01 AM Actions
7613 Mentat Bug New Normal Various fields insist on interpreting whitespace 10/21/2022 03:30 PM Actions
7612 Mentat Bug In Review Normal 'Basic' reporting filters are not editable Jakub Judiny 03/23/2023 03:18 PM Actions
7611 Mentat Feature New Normal Script for modification of postgresql.conf for only necessary changes 10/20/2022 05:28 PM Actions
7610 Mentat Feature New Normal Mark data generated from already cleaned up data 10/20/2022 05:23 PM Actions
7608 Mentat Bug In Review Normal User activation updates changelog of just one object Jakub Judiny 01/31/2023 12:44 PM Actions
7607 Mentat Bug In Review Normal Awaited flag is removed inconsistently Jakub Judiny 01/31/2023 12:43 PM Actions
7606 Mentat Bug New Normal IP4R extension is not regularly updated 10/13/2022 11:35 AM Actions
7605 Mentat Bug New Normal Migration 4a172cd00ef0 silently uses plpgsql extension 10/13/2022 11:32 AM Actions
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