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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7740 Mentat Feature New Normal Streamline reporting settins 05/21/2024 04:08 PM Actions
7739 Mentat Feature New Normal Extend report search for other attributes from metadata 05/21/2024 04:02 PM Actions
7738 Mentat Bug New Normal Error in reports blueprint when page is not a valid number 05/16/2024 04:20 PM Actions
7737 Mentat Bug New Normal An abuse group is (wrongly) autoselected when creating new filter 05/14/2024 08:08 PM Actions
7736 Mentat Bug New Normal Debug additions should be shown only for the Developer role 05/14/2024 04:32 PM Actions
7735 Mentat Bug New Normal Cancel button are validating fields in filters and event classes 05/13/2024 10:51 AM Actions
7734 Mentat Feature New Normal Add possibility to specify target IPs in basic reporting filters 05/03/2024 02:06 PM Actions
7733 Mentat Bug New Normal mentat-storage may break during shutdown 05/02/2024 01:56 PM Actions
7732 Mentat Task New Normal Menu reorganisation and cleanup 04/11/2024 04:24 PM Actions
7731 Mentat Bug New Normal Users should be able to edit only "manual" feed 04/11/2024 03:38 PM Actions
7730 Mentat Feature Resolved Normal Allow to override Maintainers' emails by alias Rajmund Hruška 05/13/2024 12:54 PM Actions
7729 Mentat Bug In Progress Normal Description tab in timeline Jakub Maloštik 04/22/2024 02:24 PM Actions
7728 Mentat Bug New Normal Fulltext searchable Description 04/11/2024 11:23 AM Actions
7727 Mentat Feature New Normal Pivot table visualization 04/15/2024 01:38 PM Actions
7726 Mentat Bug In Progress Normal Import Casablanca network as an externally updated feed Rajmund Hruška 05/21/2024 03:30 PM Actions
7725 Mentat Feature In Progress Normal Import Metacentrum networks as an externally updated feed Rajmund Hruška 05/21/2024 03:30 PM Actions
7724 Mentat Bug In Progress Normal Mentat-controller raises Exception when name is specified Jakub Maloštik 04/12/2024 02:29 PM Actions
7717 Mentat Support New Normal Add tests for more Hawat endpoints 03/19/2024 03:34 PM Actions
7716 Mentat Bug New Normal In some cases, API returns html content 03/19/2024 01:23 PM Actions
7708 Mentat Feature New Normal Host info module 02/27/2024 03:02 PM Actions
7707 Mentat Feature New Normal All fields in search form should have negations 02/22/2024 12:44 PM Actions
7706 Mentat Feature New Normal Users should be able to choose which information about events should be displayed in the event search 02/22/2024 12:49 PM Actions
7705 Mentat Feature New Normal Event search should support "any value" and "without value" for abuse group 02/22/2024 12:47 PM Actions
7703 Mentat Feature In Review Low Get rid of hosts module Jakub Maloštik 05/07/2024 04:08 PM Actions
7702 Mentat Feature New Normal CSAG should keep query parameters from form 02/26/2024 12:54 PM Actions
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